Old Baby Picture

old baby picture

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My baby picture

My baby picture

I got into an old suitcase with some pictures in it and found this. Note the hair do. My mother told me I was a couple of weeks past the due date and she must have had a long labor. This is revenge I tell you!

This is a scanned photograph and I have no idea what that dark stuff is on my left leg. I have very nice legs that any woman would envy! LOL

Thank You All for looking at my picture. I sincerely appreciate your comments and Faves. You're the Greatest !

Baby picture challenge continued!!

Baby picture challenge continued!!

So here's a picture of me straight out of the baby book!
See the comments under the previous B&W shot of Jaren & Brooklyn to see how this all got started.
Ironically, I am the same age here as the kids are in that picture and just as chubby as Jaren (behind Brooklyn with his hand on her).

old baby picture

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