Baby Cakes Diary - Infant Baby Sandals.

Baby Cakes Diary

baby cakes diary

    baby cakes
  • "Baby Cakes" is the only single by UK garage trio 3 of a Kind. It reached #1 on the UK singles chart. A follow up "Wink One Eye" was recorded but was never released. It was also the song that kept Can't Stand Me Now by The Libertines off top-spot in the UK.

  • A datebook

  • a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations

  • A book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences

  • a personal journal (as a physical object)

  • A diary is a record (originally in handwritten format) with discrete entries arranged by date reporting on what has happened over the course of a day or other period. Diaries undertaken for institutional purposes play a role in many aspects of human civilization, including government records (e.

baby cakes diary - Babycakes CP-12

Babycakes CP-12 Cake Pop Maker, Purple, 12 Cake Pops

Babycakes CP-12 Cake Pop Maker, Purple, 12 Cake Pops

The Babycakes cake pop maker brings the fun and delicious cake pops trend into your own kitchen. Bake 12 cake pops or doughnut holes in just minutes. Add sticks and a touch of creative decorating for perfect cake pops. The nonstick coating makes baking and clean up fun and easy. The Babycakes cake pop maker comes complete with all the accessories you need to bake and decorate cake pops or doughnut holes. The manual includes a variety of tips and recipes that will help you enjoy the baking experience. The cake pop maker features power and ready lights, convenient cord wrap, latching handle and it comes with a fork tool, 50 cake pop sticks and a cake pop stand.

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Carrie Woods' Diary

Carrie Woods' Diary

Hello I'm Carrie, I love to tell you about my diary :D

Dear Diary,
Hmmhmmhmm, school was ok but I would rather spend at the animal shelter. I had plans and it was taking care of the animals, find strays, and give them to people who want to adopt them. Anyways, the teacher was reading something on the board and I decided to pull my book on dogs and I read all about them. I got caught by the teacher and he told me to put the book away or he will give me detention and I don't want that since I'm going to be working late at the shelter. Finally, the bell rung and I race out there and drove to the shelter to work. We got some new pets in and they were dogs I love animals and I fed them, train them, and even soothe them to sleep ^_^ Awwww Dogs are soooooo adorable!!!!

Dear Diary,
Restaurant? Oh good, I great way for me to enjoy, I pulled out my dark pink dress with black detailed leggings. I even wore an animal printed scarf. I sometimes feel guilty when I wear it. Seconds later, I heard a scream but intend to ignore it. When we were about to leave, Cleo couldn't even fit in the car and she blamed that the car was too small. But after Jade styled it, We all went to the restaurant. When we were there, we ordered our food and when we were about to eat, I noticed some sad animals looking through the windows and I saw them, There eyes were soooooooooo sad, I told everyone I was going to leave early and I carried out a plateful of food with me. It seem really wierd cuz people saw me walking out the doors with a plateful of food and thought I was crazy!!!! When I reached outside, It was chilly but cool and I scents some 3 dogs coming and when I looked down, I noticed 3 cute dogs looking at me for food and I took them with me to the parking lot and I fed them all I had. It was heart-breaking to see them wondering the streets. When they were finished, I snuggled with them and told them to stay here. When they obeyed, I ran inside in my heels and bought out 3 LARGE plateful of food and feed them, The 3rd time, I ran back inside and Jade, Phoebe, and Joelle stop me and told me what the heck was I doing, I told them I was feeding some stray dogs and I told them to let me through but they refused, so I walked out with no food and went back to the dogs, I noticed that they were sad that I came with no food. I sat down and took a stray in my lap, the other 2 layed beside me. It was cool and nice for a night out to sit and relax. Soon, they were asleep, and I walked back inside the restaurant and I noticed a racket coming from Cleo but I didn't care and told Deuce and Draculaura that I will be leaving early and they asked me why. I told about the story and told me Ok, But make it home safely. I quickly ran out and tried to find the doggies but I couldn't find them. I began to panic and tried searching for them. My dress was a mess when I gave up and I sat crying. I felt 3 soft nuzzle near my leg and when I looked up. I found all 3 dogs looking at me. I was relieved and called a taxi. I drove to the shelter where I work and put the stray 3 dogs in their comfortable cages. They didn't seem happy so I sang them a sweet lullaby and they went to sleep. Before I walked out, I turned my head around and looked at them on how peacefully they are now that they aren't outside anymore and almost cried. I turned my head back around, locked the doors, walked to my cab, and when he droved away, I turned my head back one more time, watching the shelter, disappearing when we drove farther.

Dear Diary,
Sunday morning, nothing to do but read about animals. I was bored and I talked to Roxxi if she wanted to come with me to the shelter later on and she said yes! We ate or breakfast and noticed Leora on her phone. We told her if she wanted to come but didn't want to so we forced on her feet and made her come with us. We were on our way til I noticed a German Shepherd walking on the streets. It stopped and i walked up close to it. It was mad for some reason and was about to bite at any second. But I placed my hands on the cheek, looked in it's eyes and told it to calm down and relax. It finally relaxed and I decided to take it to the shelter with me. Leora and Roxxi were amazed on how an expert I am. LOL. When we got to the shelter, I told the people who worked there to please take care of the German Shepherd for me. they also told me that a new dog came. It was a white adorable chihuahua!!!! While I was talking to the workers, Roxxi tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at the dogs. Me, Leora, and Roxxi saw the German Shepherd and Chihuahua snuggling together. It was soooo cute that I had to snap a picture on my cellphone. I didn't want the doggies to leave so i asked them to please never sell them since I wanted to play with them and they agreed!!! It was sooooo cool and I gave them names. I named the Chihuahua, Chloe and the German Shepherd, Delgado. Yeah, I watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua too much and I think it's my 15th time watching it. LO

The Princess Diary

The Princess Diary

09 May 2009 - Wesak Day

oh well, i dont celebrate Wesak Day, but i do celebrate the holiday given :=P

It's the birthdays of two people :

Nowie's MOM!
Nowie's Cousin - the little boy.

and the CAKE, well, we decided to combine it with MOTHER's DAY too!

so, during my visit, there were 5 mothers in total. xD


Nasi Impit + Rendang Daging + Lodeh + Chicken Curry = YUMMILICIOUS!

i definitely cant resist those food! :P

Owh! and i bought the JPOP Jco for the whole family ;) ..and it's a positive response! everyone loved it! :D

there were two cameramen!

ME & nowie's cousin, Amar..


hurm..we leave that part to the elders.. hehehe..

me,my gf and other youth went to bowl!

1st place - ME!
2nd place - Birthday BOY (surprisingly)
3rd Place - Amar
4th Place - Fawa. (nowie's cousin)
5th Place - Nowie. (i guess it wasnt ur day dear)

after bowling....

went back, and browse through today's pix on the lappy! ..hehehe..hillarious,fun and full of excitement! =)

oh well, we had a wonderful day! i believe so! :)


it's 3.40am here,right now.. =__=
i gonna sleep soon...

baby cakes diary

baby cakes diary

Baby, I Love You

Love my baby's everything,
You make my life complete, it's true.
Love my baby, dearest heart...
Oh my baby, I love you!

In this follow up title to 2006's bestselling Baby Cakes, Karma Wilson and Sam Williams team up again in this charming, original board book. Parent will love reading this reassuringly repetitive text aloud to their babies. Sam Williams's adorable illustrations make this title that promotes the special bond between parents and their babies complete. This board book promises to become an instant classic.

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