Fireplace Gate For Babies

fireplace gate for babies

    for babies
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fireplace gate for babies - KidCo Hearth

KidCo Hearth Gate

KidCo Hearth Gate

Finally, there's a way to protect your children from the dual hazards of heat and fire from barbecues, fireplaces and wood-burning stoves as well as dangerous corners and hard, rough surfaces associated with hearths. The Hearth Gate is the solution for layouts that do not have mounting points straight across.
The HearthGate fits hearths 6 ft. wide and 2 ft. deep. Large areas may require additional sections (sold separately). Five interlocking sections adjust in 10 degree increments and can be angled or set in a straight line as needed.
Included in the 5-piece basic set is a walk through gate section that opens in either direction with a simple one hand adult release. The Hearth Gate is 29 1/2" high and constructed of strong tubular steel with a black non toxic, heat-resistant finish that is easy to maintain and blends with any decor.
Measuring is easy - Simply determine the area to protect or isolate. Place objects at 24" intervals along the line of the intended gate configuration. Count the number of 24" segments to determine number of sections needed.
Fits standard size hearths 6 ft. wide and 2 ft. deep
Includes 5 interlocking sections
Walk through gate section opens in both directions
Simple one hand release
Made of strong tubular steel
Stands 29 1/2" high

85% (13)

All Up In My Stuff: Part II

All Up In My Stuff: Part II

I normally leave a fireplace screen in the doorway leading into my "studio." After my session on Sunday, I forgot to put it back. When I came down Monday morning, I found Spencer had taken up residence. Several hours later, I walked by the room again...a cat of a different color.

So you can see why I use a gate.

(I know, I know...cats and babies. Defriend me now, the system doesn't notify me so I won't cry right away.)

It's Mine!

It's Mine!

This is my toy! I am not giving it up! But chase me around anyway like I might.

I also took the liberty to note all the things in this photo that are mine, or my dog's, which by extension make them mine also since he's mine.

fireplace gate for babies

fireplace gate for babies

KidCo Configure Gate

The ConfigureGate 3-Piece Set allows you to configure the gate yourself, to fit odd-shaped rooms and non-standard doorways. The three 24-inch interlocking pieces easily adjust in 10-degree increments to fit most any space. The walk-through gate swings in either direction and features a convenient one-hand release. Constructed of sturdy tubular steel with a white non-toxic coating. Measures 29.5 inches high.

This large, custom-designed gate lets babies and toddlers roam free in a large section of the home, while still protecting them from dangerous or unsupervised areas. The set comes with three interlocking sections, each one measuring 29 inches high and 24 inches long. The idea is to lock the sections together in a bendable configuration that fits an area of your home (additional sections are available). In order for the gate to be secure, it must be attached to wall-mount fixtures (included). Be prepared for about a half-hour of setup time. Keep in mind that this is not a gate that simply folds up accordion-style. It may be easier to keep the gate assembled than to constantly unlock the hinges and fold the sections together. Fortunately, it comes with an adult-access, walk-through gate, so it won't impede the traffic flow of grownups. For ages 6 to 36 months. Comes with a one-year limited warranty. --Hannah Reynolds

The KidCo ConfigureGate G80 Safety Gate offers maximum flexibility in making your home safer for your baby. This unique gate allows you to block access through odd-shaped areas or doorways without parallel mounting points, while providing your baby the freedom to grow and explore in a safe environment. At 29-1/2 inches in height, the ConfigureGate is the perfect height for keeping babies, young toddlers, and even pets secure.

The ConfigureGate G80 Safety Gate offers:
Customizable gate blocks access through irregular-shaped spaces
Includes dual-directional gate with one-handed release
Extensions available for creating larger barrier

The ConfigureGate fits between walls in odd-shaped spaces to keep baby safe. View larger.
Unique, Customizable Configuration
The ConfigureGate comes with three 24-inch, interlocking panels, which can be angled in 10-degree increments in any configuration you like. Each of the end panels includes wall-mounting features, so you can secure the gate across irregularly shaped spaces from wall to wall. The center panel includes a gate that opens in either direction with a one-handed release for easy parental access. You can purchase extensions (sold separately), available in 8-inch and 24-inch sizes, to fence off wider areas.
High Quality and Thoughtful Craftsmanship
With the KidCo ConfigureGate, form follows function. It meets or exceeds US Child Safety Standards, providing the maximum protection for your child, and with its Scandinavian-inspired design, the gate's clean-lined, minimalist style will blend handsomely into any decor. Like all KidCo gates, the ConfigureGate is constructed with fine, high-quality materials, including thicker virgin steel and certified non-toxic paint. The European factories are ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 certified.

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